How to tell if your wife is unhappy

  1. If she constantly swears at you and tells you what a jerk you are.
  2. You sit down to dinner and instead of putting food on your plate she dumps it on your head.
  3. If you hear her on the phone making a date with another man.
  4. If you go to have sex with her and she laughs at you and says you've got to be kidding.
  5. If you come into the house and you see her chatting with her friends and the topic of conversation is what a loser you are.
  6. If every time you come home she leaves you to watch the kids while she goes "shopping" or out with "friends".
  7. If at family gatherings she asks your parents how they managed to raise such a creep.
  8. If whenever you ask her to do something, she laughs and tells you to do it yourself.
  9. She avoids you like the plague and only talks to you when absolutely necessary.
  10. When she says that she would get a divorce but she'd rather stay with you than have to get a job.

I'm sure I could come up with quite a few more, but that should be enough to get the point across.

Are 'pushups' considered the ultimate exercise?

I'll be honest and break your heart.There is no ultimate exercise. And if there were, it would be either squats or deadlifts because they are compound lifts that activate multiple and complex chains of muscles from head to toe to

What exercises should I do to stay fit till death?

Such a list of movements must be filled with COMPOUND MOVEMENTS only.That being said, isolation exercises can be done sporadically, but to stay fit for life, as you seem to be shooting for, compound and multi-joint movements will give you the benefits of longevity, growth and efficiency until the end of your days.The endless list shall contain:1).

Does my husband have a right to rethink our marriage if I've gained a lot of weight and no longer look how I did when we got married?

Any spouse always has a right to rethink their marriage for any reason or no reason. If he no longer wants you, it may be pretty pointless to stay married. It depends on his priorities. If his clash with yours, it's over.My former husband constantly told me that if I ever gained weight, he'd