How to tell that a person is in love

LOVE is the most beautiful feeling in this mortal world. Anyone in love feels wonderful. Love makes a person feel happy. Due to the hormonal changes that causes the feeling of love, the person feels beautiful!

The feeling of Love shown in movies is what one experiences at the prime of his/her Love. With times, this feeling comes with many other realities, responsibilities etc...which is the opposite from that shown in movies. But the feeling of LOVING SOMEONE and BEING LOVED by SOMEONE is simply great and beautiful!

There's a saying, You can see a girl's love in her smile n a guy's love in his eyes. Its very true. A girl when in love smiles without reasons. She herself isn't aware of the fact when she's smiling, when not. She feels like a bird flying freely in the sky above, with her wings hugging the air around in that open sky.

On the contrary, a guy when in love, is very much aware of his feelings, its visible in the spark of his eyes. That spark of LOVE which makes his eyes shine and the truthfulness of his heart which makes his eyes deeper than the ocean.

A girl's love can be visible, it can be felt and realized very easily. But a guy's love, on the otherhand is very difficult to be felt and understood. Its easy for a girl to fall in love(until and unless she hasn't been deceived by anyone). Psychology works very different for a guy. He's in love only when he finds his true soulmate,with whom he can relate to,at minute things. The process of falling in love is fast for a girl.

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Okay so many here are arguing her ethics and character. I would want to say something to you first. YOU ARE AN IDIOT. Here's why:1. The terrible BIGOT that you are: First you said you didn't care of her past. But when a slight issue came up, you dug and dug. Not just into her