How to treat abdominal pain after colonoscopy endoscopy

It really depends on the type of pain your having. Symptoms tend to be mild to severe depending on the etiology. I really don't think Quora is a safe haven for post procedural pain and that you should speak to your doctor about the pain. But to make this simple, abdominal pain post colonoscopy is secondary to distention of your intestines after using co2 to inflate it; so the physician can properly visualize the colon ( think of blowing air into a baloon). There are many abdominal and leg maneuvers that can help push the gas towards the rectum, ultimately being released from the anus (you should have been shown these maneuvers , given a pamphlet or you can google it. However, co2 gas will diffuse out of the body via the artioveous then to kings and out of system in a few hours. This is usually done in the recovery room where everyone is farting their guts out. If that doesn't succedd in removing air trapped in the colon, we'll then the nurse will insert a rectal tube to allow more air to leave your anus. These mild to moderate cramping should improve in the recovery room and most gone at home. Of this doesn't happen, we will discuss the worst scenario of post procederul pains and is the most dangerous one. This is called a perforation of the colon which leads to peritinitis of the abdominal cavity. So these major event perforations of the colon can lead to having stool coming out of the perforated colon and into areas of the body where stool should not be ( the STERILE areas of the abdominal and peritoneal cavity). This stool leads to a superinfection in this area of the peritoneum and patients can have high mortality rates from this infection. But take into consideration the term peritinitis , which carries high mortality, has been studied in very sick patients with perforations of colon with EXCESSIVE stool loading. This is KEY. Prior to an endoscopy, a patient will drink lots of liquid (go-litely,Gatorade,etc) to rid there colon of stool. That right there is the safety measure put in play to decrease the mortality rate of peritinitis post colonoscopy. It's more like a two birds with one stone analogy. By decreasing the stool load by drinking plenty of liquids before the procedure, this serves two purposes:

  1. Less stool in colon and that means the camera can easily visualize the colon; a must for the procedure to be performed or your gonna hit something you don't want to hit and miss everything your looking for.
  2. Less stool = less bacterial load that can potential get out of a perforated colon and that leads to easier washouts and a decrease of mortality.
  3. Thanks! Message me anything on medicine and I'll give my best answer from my 8 years of being a doctor

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