How closely is music related to mathematics?

Many people believe that there are similarities between mathematical and musical intelligence. Check out Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences.

Personally, as a musician of almost twenty years, maths, particularly mental mathematics, has always been my weakness. I can't see how mathematics, which is an objective art & science, meaning that a calculation is either correct or incorrect.

In most popular western music genres you only really need to be able to count to multiples of four up to sixteen or thirty two to structure an arrangement for a song.

Whereas music is a subjective art & science, meaning that it is correct or incorrect based on the opinion of the audience or person listening.

On the other hand, I believe that there is a stronger correlation to mathematicians loving music because of the complicated mathematics, codes and sub divisions of pitches and rhythms. Check Albert Einstein.

Therefore, I think that the main similarity of both subjects is that there is an element of art and science within them.

Why did Apple make old phones slower?

That's a good question.Read Apple's full statement here. The original story is below.Apple has confirmed that it does deliberately slow down the operation of older iPhones, and says it is doing so to prevent the devices from shutting down because of aging batteries. Apple says it's doing this to protect your phone.

Why do you still believe in 'believing that Jesus will come' baptism (Acts 19:4) when Jesus has come?

Norine, there is a wrong understanding of this verse, lets look at it more in context and not in the way the questions has misrepresented it;Acts 19:3

Can we derive a definition of God?

How else can you define God? If God is nothing then how do you define nothing? If everything manifests out of nothing then how do you define everything? If everything is the union of all the pieces of everything then what is a piece of everything? ... a piece of