How come some gay men naturally sound like women, without the use of hormones? Even their mannerisms are the same as women, do they try to act that way or is it natural?

Gender is a spectrum. Testosterone levels vary

Also mannerisms etc are partially socialised.

Humans are not production line produced robots.

I know straight men who sound like women.

We need to stop trying to categorise people or expecting them to fit stereotypes.

And yes some gay men are trying to fit their idea of the stereotype.

How can long bike rides help you lose weight?

Riding a bicycle can be a great way to lose weight - so long as you are not too heavy. Tyre punctures can be a real pain!But seriously, long distance cycling ‘will' make you lose weight. You will lose water unless you carry bottles of drinks around with you. As a

Indian girls have started to have relationships before marriage. Why is this so?

Because they are human too.And I don't think it's bad in any way .Why isn't this question for man .So man can have a relationship before marriage ,Good .Great moral standards India have then.So woman cannot be in a relationship and grow out of it .Her heart doesn't beat.She has no desire and urge for

What city has the most expensive housing prices?

If talking about House prices, Makati City Philippines is quite high.In Makati CBD, the average land value increased 4.59% to PHP523,000 (US$11,050) per sq. m. in Q1 2016 from the previous quarter, according to Colliers International.The actual house might be cheaper to build, but the land cost is high. (A$14,000 per sqm)Philippines: nationwide