How common is bullying in Canadian high schools?

I went to two different public schools in BC. Besides slight feeling of division on ethniticy, people generally respected each other. Yes someone in my first secondary school put a condom on my water bottle, but we ended up being friendly, because I knew he was been childish, and I was among the Chinese immigrant student group that Aced every single class (except English lol). The rest of the class kind of needed our help in math and sciences. Our grade 10 math teacher used to teach in her way first, and invite a Chinese kid to show the Asian way. Our academic performance as Asian immigrants helped diminish our fear towards the new environment and somehow brought us some status to stay equal as the others.

Maybe bully is less of a problem in Canadian schools, but respect needs to be earnt. I worked for it.

What helps most for dealing with chronic pain if I will not take pain pills, please, any idea's?

I feel for you. Pain pills are the absolute worst. They're addictive and constipate you like no other. I developed chronic back pain in the military and lived with it for over 6 years. I tried everything, and I mean everything short of surgery, to help with it.

Do animals feel rhythm like humans do?

If by rhythm you mean the urge to move to a beat, the answer is almost never. Birds are an exception. This link features a summary of animal dance research and a video of a parrot rocking out to the Backstreet Boys:  http://news.nationalgeographic.c....From M. T. Owens:More specifically, several species

Will PS4 grant access to GTA IV?

GTA 4 was not a big success as rockstar thought it might eve so they never released the official version of GTA 4 on ps4, nor even the DLC expansion are available on PS4. The reason is that rockstar officially released GTA