How could someone feel happy?

My nickname is ‘Happy' and except my family members and relatives, nobody calls me by this name.

In my childhood whenever I got scared of something or crying or show my anger to someone everybody gives me just one suggestion "oh thaand rakh puttar, tera naam to happy hai tu khush raha kar". ( Be calm my son, your name is happy so, you should be happy). Everybody insists me to stay happy but nobody tells me 'How' and from my childhood, I just try to figure it out how could someone feel happy.

Little and simple things give you more happiness then big achievements which ultimately fetch you towards your main goal.

I will give you some instances where I feel happy and how I change my small achievements into happiness.

  • When your teacher give some tough questions to the whole class and nobody able to solve it except you and you still not show it to your teacher because you afraid of that teacher and on the way back home you just smile and smile and smile.
  • When you play against some big high school boys and you are still in your 9th standard and you score a goal against them with a bicycle kick but nobody appreciates it except you and that goalkeeper and that smile between you and that goalkeeper is sufficient for me to stay happy for next few days.
  • Whenever your mom told you to buy some groceries you always buy one extra chocolate for your sister but never offer to her with your own hands and in most cases, you ended up eating that chocolate.

There are many many instances and reasons in your life which are sufficient to make you happy rather than for not being happy.

Few more are like scoring the highest marks in your favorite subject, able to touch the rim of basketball, able to finish a book within few days, singing your favorite song in bathroom and think how melodious you are (though you are not), able to make a circular chapatti (a bit elliptical) and challenge your mom (don't do this ), able to debug your code and take a sigh of relief and think you are the best coder in the world(of course you are not), able to add some innovation to your project, a long night conversations with your best friends and memorizing your childhood days..etc etc.. etc..

This list may go on and on and so are the moments of happiness. You just have to analyze your world around you and just change your perspective towards every situation and you will start feeling much happier than before.

You have your own set of happiness just collect them in your pocket and embrace them later whenever you feel low.

I'm not exactly sure what you're asking here but I think you're in the direction of how to BE happy yourself, maybe. Regardless, happiness is a feeling and feelings don't stick. The feeling of Bliss and calmness is often associated with happiness but for a lot of people, drama or action can make them happy. It depends. What do you like to do, what feels like a chore and what feels so good that you wish you could do it forever.

Like I said, happiness can't last forever, constantly, but if you can find a way to enjoy the tiny things in life, happiness can come a lot easier. Happiness isn't a switch that you can turn on and off, but being able to develop a mindset that enables you to look at the world from a more optimistic point of view will be very helpful. Feelings don't last, sorry, but you can make it easy to hop into that feeling when you want to. Look up 'intrisic motivation' on Google, being able to develop this will also be very helpful. Hope I helped!

We feel happy when we surround ourselves with people that build us up and set us free, not with those and make us second guess ourselves, if you surround yourself with shitty people you'll never be happy, in short do what makes you feel good. Do the things that will allow you to sleep well at night so that when tomorrow comes you'll have no regrets my friend.

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