How could we go about to implement classes in yoga and mindful meditation into the school curriculum to assist bullies by providing an outlet for what is within them and also to give a self-soothing resource to those who are bullied?

Mindfulness is the exact opposite of Yoga.

Yoga is in the direction of samadhi, and the research on mindfulness shows that it is counter-samadhi.

Mindfulness involves being deliberately being aware of things.

Yoga is the complete settling of mind-fluctuations.

They are completely opposite in performance, and in long-term outcome.

The definition of enlightenment in the Buddhist traditions where mindfulness is promoted as a practice (rather than as an emergent property) involves realization that sense-of-self is an illusion.

The definition of enlightenment in the Yoga tradition is appreciation of the full splendor of sense-of-self.

Make up your mind as to which spiritual approach you are interested in.

The David Lynch Quiet Time program takes the approach of Yoga:

provide 15–45 minutes of meditation and related practices, twice-daily, so that children can rest most efficiently.

That practice is being adopted by many thousands of schools around the world and only requires that 1) the principal set aside the required time; 2) get the parents interested; 3) request that the David Lynch Foundation teach.

Once those three conditions are met, the David Lynch Foundation will find wealthy donors, hire the TM teachers, and teach at a given school.

In the larger projects, the DLF contracts to train public school teachers as TM teachers so that the state and national governments can become self-sufficient and run the program themselves.

This last is now becoming the standard practice in Latin America, with many thousands of schools, military academies, military bases, prisons, hospitals, etc, now signing up for their own employees to be trained as TM teachers.

You can learn more about the David Lynch Foundation at David Lynch Foundation or Fundación David Lynch de América Latina

You can find out more about ongoing projects in Latin America here: Transforming Lives and Changing Nations

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