How crowded is New Jersey?

Douglas White gives a great answer and description of the real Garden State as New Jersey is called. There is also the great Jersey Shore with over 130 miles of Atlantic coastline spanning from Sandy Hook to Cape May. Our white sandy beaches attract several hundred thousands tourists each year. Many of these Atlantic Ocean front shore towns have some of the largest boardwalks on the east coast.

New Jersey also is home to The Pine Barrens which is part of a 1.1 million acre National Reserve. This land occupies 22% of New Jersey's total land mass. It is the largest body of open space on the Mid-Atlantic Seaboard between Virginia and Massachusetts.

As far as crowded, yes absolutely there are parts of the state that have the most densely populated cities in America. In fact NJ has 7 of the top 10 densest cities in the United States. Note that some of these towns are not actually cities by definition of population requirements and some have relatively small populations. They are all however, located in urban areas and surrounded by large cities. For example, East Newark, NJ has a population of only 2,400 residents and yet is only 12 blocks long. As the name implies, East Newark is geographically located just east of the city of Newark and they are separated by the Passaic River with a draw bridge connecting the two municipalities. Newark is the largest city in New Jersey with a population of 280,000.

The following website shows the listings of United States cities by population density and describes the criteria used to define density:

List of United States cities by population density

Our state is far more suburban than citified.  It is a bedroom community for workers in New York City and Philadelphia, and has a few cities which are significant, in their own right.

But: trees are everywhere. The major commercial corridors are along the highways.

State parks give us  way to be away from others. 

I have taken half-hour hikes in woods without seeing another person, yet a hundred meter walk in a specific direction would offer a spectacular view of Manhattan.

Is it crowded to look five miles across a salt marsh and estuary, with no human structure in sight but a water tower for a town peeking over the horizon?

Suburbs are mostly single family homes with the pretty side of the lawn facing the street.  Someone once commented how America's neighborhoods are beautiful parks to drive through. 

A few cities have office and apartment towers.  The prevailing designs are single family homes, town homes and 'garden apartments'.

If shopping for a home from overseas or far-flung regions, you should be okay, for starters, if your home has off-street parking.

Folks in the US work hard, long hours.  One saves enormous time if the stuff you need, which you can only buy during the weekend, when not at work, is available just a short drive away.

Again, beyond the few cities, Newark, Paterson, Union, Trenton, the scale is very local. Within 30 miles of NY City, your kids could be in school classes with 20 kids or so, and schools with just 3 to six classes per grade.  Perhaps 700 in a four-year high school.

More rural areas may achieve this density with hours of busing at both ends of the day.  In New Jersey, walking to school could be a 15-minute task.

Rush hour can be a soul-crusher, but the street network and traffic reports give one options that other regions can not offer.  Another advantage of overall density that means that alternative routes exist.

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