How did Allah create this world?

The Earth was formed around 4.5 billion years ago, but in order for it to take shape, stars which were formed earlier exploded; some of those stars were massive enough to synthesise iron, and that occurs in meteorites, but a huge chunk is at the core of the earth, and is why we have a protective magnetic field.

In fact, all the elements on our planet came from ancient stars ( the universe started 9 billion years before the earth and our solar system) and though not everything is known about the origins, water is present in comets, and could be the source of water on Earth.

Life is made from the most common elements in the universe, the ones that can be made by smaller suns - though still larger than ours. Explosion of suns - at the end of their evolution - has been noted many times throughout history, as sudden flaring of brilliance, lasting a few days, then an expanding cloud where the star was. As Carl Sagan said, we are made from star-stuff!

So, the Earth was made through a continuous process of evolution, stars gathering hydrogen in the early universe, the hydrogen compressed due to gravity, become so hot that nuclear fusion started, and heavier elements were made. The larger the star, the quicker it ran through its life cycle, the heavier elements were made, and the sooner it exploded, and sent all those elements across space in a mighty explosion. That gave us our core, enough to start the evolutionary process which is how we see it today.

Our small sun only makes helium and lithium.

"Creation" was an old Hebrew story, over 2500 years old, an attempt to explain where we came from, but few people still believe in it, and as it's only a myth, it cannot be taught in modern schools. Evolutionary science is well-researched, and part of that research gives an insight into many hereditary diseases, which is much more useful.

It is a fascinating topic, and being able to observe how elements are being formed in distant suns via instruments ( something I first learned about when I was about 15) is truly amazing.

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No....that information is channeled and even though a good channeler can hear and record what's being communicated word for word from those who are speaking on the other side, the information is inevitably inaccurate. The most interesting part of channeling, is understanding why the