How did Great Britain get like this?

Great Britain "got like this" after the internet got like this: Investigation of Massive Child Trafficking Ring Exposes Police Facilitating Horrific Abuse of 1,000 Kids

I haven't even read it, but I have read The Telegraph's reporting of this story, which theFreeThoughtProject uses as its source.

The Telegraph's article is written differently. We don't need to need to go any further than the headlines to see the difference. This is The Telegraph's:

"1,000 children may have been victims in Britain's biggest ever child abuse scandal"

The Free Thought Project's:

"Investigation of Massive Child Trafficking Ring Exposes Police Facilitating Horrific Abuse of 1,000 Kids"

The first does not draw a conclusion; the latter does: It's click-bait, rabble-rousing rubbish and it seems to have worked!

Now, this kind of answer is risky because the topic is emotional. People might think I'm dismissing the child abuse but I'm not. I'm simply not addressing the subject matter of the article you linked to at the moment. If you think I'm being cynical, you don't understand the word. Cynical is a charge I lay at the feet of The FTP who can (and do) sell advertising off this subject.

The Telegraph can (and do) as well, but unlike FTP, The Telegraph doesn't deliberately maximize the impact of its words by being unnecessarily salacious - they don't need to because people are drawn to their better writers and original reporting.

Child abuse is already "horrific". The adjective is unneeded. FTP use it because it helps drive eyes to their ads. I wish the Internet hadn't got like this but the truth is, it's always been like this. We - the people who use the Internet - can help by being more wary of manipulation.

Papers will do almost anything to get my eyes on their stories. Some media outlets will do everything.

As for "Great Britain" - this has nothing to do with Great Britain. Child abuse is a global issue as well as a local issue - meaning local to where you're from. It didn't "get like this"; it's always been like this.

Thanks to good social care, better policing, and thorough journalism, children are arguably better protected now than before in places where there is good social care, policing and journalism.

And if we're talking about corruption - same thing - it's been like this since there were politicians and police. If you think this is new, you're being naive.

That's why I thoroughly reject the premise of your question as well as the premise in the article you provided.

However, since our eyes are now a form of currency, I do accept your soapbox to request that we all please... please... spend our views more sagaciously - and less salaciously.

I don't understand the question. Are you implying that this is common in the UK and that we accept such behaviour, because that isn't true. Such behaviour is completely unnacceptable and should be dealt with.

As for why, some people re horrible, that's why. Just like there are horrible people all over the world.

This is the inevitable result of assigning criminal penalties to speech. Several years ago Great Britain, in an orgy of virtue-signalling, passed laws against "Islamophobia," at the urging of self-appointed Islamic leaders. To run afoul of these laws meant the end of your career in public service and jail time.

The police hierarchy were more covetous of their positions than disgusted by the exploitation of their own children by Muslim "grooming gangs." The specter of being accused of racism under these Islamophobia laws enabled these brazen activities with the full knowledge and forbearance of both British social services and British police. Simply put, no one wanted to run afoul of the politically correct, acting with the force of law behind them.

Perhaps a bit less worrying about upsetting minorities or being thought of as a racist and a bit more investigating complaints regardless of who they are made against, would help.

Tax, tax, and yet more tax. Either you cheat or your expanding firm goes under. Usually the owner runs off to the Isle of Man or Monaco.

If British Governments lived within their means at modest overall rates of tax, the country would return to the kind of government income that allowed this small island to build the greatest fleet in the world to safeguard the greatest volume of foreign trade in the world.

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