How did cooking begin?

Well I can only guess.

My thinking is that man without fire was eating all his food raw as nature served it up.

Then man discovered fire, probably from some lightening strike or volcanic activity.

Now there are 2 possibilities here, either at the scene of his discovery was also some unfortunate animal that got caught up in it. Man being an opportunist tries the heated/burnt/cooked meat and found it more tasty than raw. Secondly he took the fire home and at some point food accidentally ended up on the fire and same as first option he preferred the taste.

Simple answer: with the discovery of fire. Is very interesting the myth of Prometheus who stole fire from the gods for give it to humanity. Prometheus - Wikipedia

Does anyone really believe Space X is going to space?

To hell with science, let's talk business: each satellite costs >$100M to build, and about that much to launch into space. Any company willing to put out $200M will want that money back somehow. Paying SpaceX to dump a $100M satellite into the ocean is not

Does Tesla Motors offer financial incentives to employees so they can afford to own a Tesla car?

Not when I was there a year ago.  Elon was said to be proud that he has never discounted his cars.  Many employees haven't even driven one; The company never granted that request and I was a senior manager!  There are a number of people there who have bought

How would you contrast Google and Microsoft's culture?

Google is much less concerned with organizational boundaries. I don't always know someone's reporting structure. At Microsoft that mattered a lot. Microsoft is more competitive while Google is more collaborative.Google tends to focus on the technology, then figure out how it helps