How did hacking start?

The contemporary origins of hacking into networks had started from phone phreaking.

John Draper aka Captain Crunch  were among the popular guys who aroused curiosity in the field by manipulating the telecom calls through whistles of the right frequency (2600Hz). There are certain documentaries which are pretty good in explaining the early scene.  This doc also mentions the story where Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs started to create a phone phreaking business.

What documents are required to file for divorce?

Divorce under Hindu Personal Laws can be of 2 types-Mutual Consent DivorceContested DivorceThe documents required for mutual consent divorce and contested divorce vary as for a mutual consent divorce the husband and wife jointly file the petition for divorce whereas in a contested divorce the party filing the

Is running dangerous to your bones/body or a good way to obtain a lean strong body?

I'm an ex runner. Amazing aerobic exercise for sure! I ran for 20+yrs and would hear all sorts of things about running being bad for you but ignored it. Here's my story. I developed runner's knee a few months after beginning to run, starting using a "chopat strap"

What are some things people take for granted and don't realize it?

LifePeople do not realize the chance that they are given to be guest for so long on this planet.You can do limitless number of things, contributions, help, achievements and anything that can make life better for yourself and others but yet people choose to hop on a fancy yacht and