How did the Black Death pandemic originate?

I don't think anyone will find much in the way of source material for the story of the catapulting of bodies as being the origin of the black death.  This could have been an alibi.  When we see genocide,  we ought to get used to looking for banking oligarchs.

Under this hypothesis the European black death would have originated as a response to the banking crisis of the early 1340's.  The Florentine Peruzzi banking family had collapsed in 1343.  The Bardi were on the way out.  And it is in the nature of fractional reserve banking, as practiced in the middle ages, that if drastic action had not been taken every oligarchical banking dynasty would have been reduced to poverty, along with any wealthy people carrying a great deal of debt.  There was no widely accepted purely fiat currency and so no sane way for the most powerful people to avoid losing all their wealth when the fractional reserve ponzi scheme unravelled as it was clearly set to do.

A massive distraction needed to be created.  Now supposing if the families had merely sought to murder many of those in Venice, Florence and Genoa.  And used the plague as an excuse to leave town and not hand over any gold or silver on deposit.  Well this could not have worked at all.  The Venetian Empire was the main power base for these people.  To hurt Venice and leave its military competitors intact would have been untenable.  A second factor is that the demand for gold and silver for holding needed to be reduced.  So that as much of this gold and silver could wind up in the hands of the oligarchical banks, who could then stay solvent as the smaller banks all unravelled in the following decades.  The best way to do this is to have less people holding about the same amount of gold and silver on average as before. 

Another vital need is just to create a big distraction.  People would have started to be concerned that their various credit instruments and promises to return silver and so forth, were starting to look somewhat dubious.  Normally speaking getting your gold and silver back could become a wide-spread concern of the public.  So the idea is to substitute a much more pressing concern.  Its a small number of substitutes to choose from that could be more pressing than the loss of all ones purchasing power.  But people dropping dead all around you cuts the mustard.  And at the same time everyone who drops dead is one less person who can either hold gold or silver, or demand gold or silver on deposit.
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