How did the trend of Stan Lee making cameos in Marvel movies begin?

It was originally decided by either Sam Raimi for the first Spider-Man movie starring Tobey Macguire or the original X-men director Bryan Singer. Raimi definitely wanted to pay tribute to the creator. While the X-men films were the first to do it, I don't believe it was really a thing until Raimi's movies.

Ever since then, it became standard practice to invite him on set for a cameo.

At least that is my understanding of the origin story.

Why do some people continue to fight over religion?

Atheists generally form their views based on ethics, which seeks to prevent people from imposing their personal morals on others, and in effect extending personal freedoms insofar as they don't impose other people's freedoms.Religions* on the other hand, have a set of morals that is determined by

Is it more important for students to study science and math than history, literature, or art?

First of all it cannot be said that science is more imp but history,literature is noteverything has it's own importanceyou need to know that science and maths is based on practicalitywhereas history or arts subjects are based on imaginative thingsnow i'll tell my point of viewI've completed 10+2 with

When would we know about alien life on earth from a UFO?

I have answered so many questions of this type. While the U.S. government's position on UFO's has remained a steadfast denial of the existence of any evidence supporting visitation by extraterrestrial craft, one must take into account the 1960 recommendations of the Brookings Institute, who were asked