How did you get an internship at Tesla Motors?

Working at Tesla is not easy. They take only the best and brightest. However you don't have to be insanely smart to get an internship.

Throughout the recruiting process, your work ethic and motivation will be tested. These are some of the company's core values if you want to succeed at Tesla. It comes all the way from the top - Elon believes in doing what you love and working extremely hard at it. If you don't share these same traits, Tesla won't be a good fit for you. That being said, this is how I got an internship.

Tesla had a team working on some cool new technology that I had experience in. A friend knew what I was working on and knew what that team was looking for so he passed in my resume. Once they saw my experiences, the team was interested in applying what I knew to their project. Ironically, I didn't work on this project at all throughout my 6 month internship.

Getting my internship is part luck. If you want to increase your chances at an internship at Tesla, try doing these:

-Do well in school. Although GPA doesn't really matter as some would say, it definitely is the first thing everyone sees. So having a high GPA itself won't get you in but having a low one will definitely raise eyebrows. I had a 3.5

-Work on projects that you love. Projects you're willing to put your blood sweat and tears to. When you work on things you love, you become a master at it, and shows dedication and passion. Tesla will see this.

-Network. You don't necessarily need to make connections with people who work at Tesla now. Make all the connections you can, because they could work at Tesla in the future and help you get in.

-Dont give up, ever. This is correlated to how passionate you are, in your projects, in how much you want that internship at Tesla, etc. if you truly want to work at Tesla, you'll always keep trying, and one day someone at Tesla will have a perfect position for you. It was a childhood dream of mine to work at Tesla. But for some time, I forgot about it and followed biomedical engineering. But that buried desire resurfaced and I kept trying and trying every few months. I interviewed with HR my third year, but no engineering team expressed interest in me. 1.5 years later, there was a perfect fit. So don't give up and keep trying.

Good luck. Tesla is an amazing company to work for.

I was working a Co-op on my school's campus at Georgia Tech that was related to my major yet very unsatisfactory. I spent most of my last term in the co-op preparing for technical interviews and updating my resume (shameless plug for Cracking the Coding Interview by Gayle Laakmann McDowell! That book totally got me all my internship offers).

I went to the Fall career fair at my school where Tesla was present. I showed up early and, when everyone else dashed to line up at the Google/Apple/Microsoft/Amazon/Facebook/Yahoo! booths, I went directly to Tesla. The representative at the Tesla booth was super cool and had the same major as me, so he was really familiar with almost everything on my resume. We had a great conversation, and HR called me for a technical screening about a month afterward.

After about two months, I emailed HR saying that I had deadlines for other companies, so I really needed to speed up the process. Although I originally applied as part of their infotainment systems development, the recruiter found me an interview with firmware engineering.

I had an interview about two days after with my mentor. He asked me about my resume and had me code a function in C++ using an online text editor similar to notepad. Afterward, he let me ask a few questions then told me what I could expect and what he thought of me.

About two days later, I had another phone interview with the senior manager in my department. He asked me more in-depth questions on my resume, he asked me what the coolest project I had worked on was, and asked me what I thought of their work. Then he had me code another function like my last interview. Then he asked me to test it. Then he asked me to design the backend of an application. After that our interview got cut off because he had a meeting. I was told in an email that I had an internship offer just a few days after.

I interned at Tesla as a Mechanical Design Intern on the Model 3 this past summer and made a YouTube video about how I got my internship without previously knowing anyone in the company. Here's a link:

I was one of the first two intern at Tesla from Carnegie Mellon in summer of 2010 before the company went public (and the first one in the company on a non-mechy/HR team).  I simply just got called to work on the Infotainment System on the then Model S.  I guess it was pure luck.  I think there have been a few after me who got in based on referrals, some by me and some by others.

I would say though coming from a hardcore engineering school does help and be good at hands on skills and ability to work with little hand holding.
Hi, According to me, being an intern at TESLA MOTORS requires an actual deserving skills regarding the abilities of :
"WELL SAID ANSWERS DURING INTERVIEW, in front of the interviewer"
Also to remember that, being selected not just end up with the accepting of certificate but to ( show your best of skills, hardwork among all the individual present during intern ship),
  1. technical skills, abilities,
  2. Expertise knowledge,
  3. ultimate BRAINSTORMING relating to the works, ideas, thoughts to make our intern ship more reliable with positiver for own development.

Tesla looks for unique skill sets related to the field your applying.
Your academic background is important but not as much as your technical skills. They need people who can think out of the box.

How good are you at implementing your theoretical knowledge for a practical cause.
Even if you have an excellent track record try to stress on your projects, because the projects show your skills.

As for applying for Tesla you have to do it through the site only, Tesla doesn't  do campus placements In India.

And I am saying this again put your best skills forward and be thorough when you do them.

Hope this helps:))
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