How did you react when a dog or cat peed on you?

Only happened once in my life. My beloved Joshua cat's kidneys were failing. We were awaiting results of the blood test the next morning, when while sleeping on me as he usually did, he urinated.

I reacted by crying, because I knew the end was near. I called the vet, who started to tell me the results of the test. I told him there was no need; that Joshie himself had told me.

It's just an animal. I might say no but I NEVER hit or scream at them.

Life can throw a lot worse at you then a little urine.

If dogs pee on a stranger their marking their territory.

If it's youvthat gets peed on, you can train them out of the habit, if you can figure out what is causing it.

Do NOT hit your dog if he pees on you. It will not change the circumstance and just cause your dog other problems.

If there are an infinite amount of humans on our planet, what would happen?

Infinity is a word that you should not toss about lightly. So is eternity, an infinite amount of time.Before you ever use that word again, realize what it really means. ∞+1=∞. This simple equation tells you that if you add one (or any other number) to infinity, you still have infinity. Simply, infinity is

Where can paramedics work in a hospital?

I agree with the other posters. Hospital often hire Paramedics however it is highly variable. Each state has different licensing laws so these thing vary quite a bit. Hospitals often try to be inventive and figure out cheaper alternatives to hiring MDs and nurses. A few roles that might suit are as a "triage nurse" in the emergency

What would America be like if slavery never happened here?

There would be a significantly lower black demographic in the U.S., and the U.S. would not have enjoyed as much economic prosperity because lack of slave labor would render cotton a far less profitable cash crop. The Southern states would be underdeveloped as slave labor was necessary to maintain its agriculture and buildings. The American South would be