How did you start to love cooking?

My interest in cooking aroused due to three main reasons:

a) Back in my 9th grade , I remember that day really well, I was watching Wimbledon and while changing channel , I suddenly stopped at Star World and Master chef Australia was running and plate tasting of some contestant was going on. Her plate was so beautiful , I still have that plating in my mind , since then I found plating quite interesting . This might be solely because of my interest in art. Since then I decided I want to explore cooking and especially plating the food .

b) I always used to see mom cooking wholeheartedly to feed the family like all of our moms do. I always wanted to help her in someway so that she could feel a little relaxed for sometime.

c) Food brings smile on people's faces. Do I need to elaborate on this anymore ?

This is how my cooking journey started. My love for cooking and me becoming a foodie ( this word doesn't quite go well with my physique :P) aroused when I started following cooking shows , competitions and especially when I actually started cooking. That is where I found my idols of cooking too who are :

  1. Vikas Khana
  2. Nigella Lawson
  3. Reynold Poernomo

At starting, I used to take a lot of mom's help for chopping veggies and many prep stuff involved in cooking. Over the years I have learnt to do everything by myself and learnt to cook various cuisines which include Indian, Chinese, Italian and Thai. Now I can prepare a full course meal for my family :) .

My love for cooking grew when I found 2 of my close friends namely Revanth and Rochelle ( who are also passionate about cooking and trying out various kinds of food) started actually talking about it and sharing their experiences and views on food . Till date, whatever we cook , we ensure that we share the photos of it ( WELL PLATED) and the recipe too. Talks about various experiences regarding food from them keeps me going . :D

Engineering being my passion , and besides art being a hobby , cooking to me is something indescribable.

Worked at Hardee's, grandma too, enjoyed helping with Sunday dinners, seeing everyone happy and full!

Like many, my love of cooking arose out of necessity. As a child, both my parents worked and were not always able to make family meals. When they could make meals they were often of the frozen or fast variety. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the salty, greasy junk for a while but after a meal in a 2 star Michelin restaurant, things changed. I discovered flavours I had never tasted before and my mouth was changed forever.

The day after that life-altering meal was my 10th birthday and I just couldn't go back to eating the salty, sugary pallet of my previous 9 years and so I began my lifelong obsession with tasting, exploring, experimenting and learning about the art of food.

Today, I only prepare meals for my family and friends but whenever I can, I help my children find their own reasons to enjoy cooking.

My mom felt it was important to know how to cook. A skill everyone should know. She & I cooked fun recipes together & she gave me cookbooks with recipes I would enjoy. When I was a youngster she got very basic cookbooks with kid friendly recipes. One cookbook she got me was for beginning cooks, it was more designed for a young newlywed, it talked about wines to pair with foods, etc. but it became very useful when I got a little older. It has one of the best spaghetti sauce recipes ever.

Cooking is the most sacred shared experience in my family. None of us believe in God, but we all believe in roast chicken. Cooking is the central experience of my life. In the depths of my worst depression, if somebody showed up at my door and said "we have a cupcake emergency at my job/school/church social/jail break/ whatever, I would be combing through my cake decorating box in my basement for paper cupcake cups. Out the door in ten minutes, a pound of butter under each arm.

By eating wonderful food and thinking "how hard can it be?"

Turns out that when you've got the basics (and learned that they are that way for a reason so don't mess with them. Yet....) not so hard.

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