How did your spouse tell you, or you your spouse, that you wanted a divorce?

How pathetic is this: he took me to a record store and bought me a cassette of the Traveling Wilburys. Then he told me. In the record store. Then it took him a year and a half to hire an attorney (he's an attorney) and then he did nothing to make the case go forward. I wanted him back but I knew he wasn't coming back, so I had to file for divorce. That was very hard. However, I'd paid for the wedding, so I told him he was paying for the divorce. He paid.

I am in my early twenties, what can I do everyday that will help me look and feel young after getting older?

Thanks Mr Early 20′s,Great question,I am in my 60′s and feel better than when i was younger. No white hair yet.I attribute that to One Discovery. (How to skyrocket then Sublimate/Control Extra Sex Energy.)A world famous Sensai shared his 5

What is it like to have loved someone but having had to marry someone else?

Nothing can replace the joy of being with someone you love but one way to look at it can be this - You might have reasons - some real, some mere excuses - for not being able to be together with the person you love. May be because your parents objected to