How different would India be today had Britishers not ruled it?

There can be no doubts that India benefited by the British rule.

  1. Judiciary and Democracy are their biggest and best gifts to us.
  2. They gave us English language. Had they not come, may be Urdu would have become our national language, just like it was enforced in the Nizam state.
  3. India would not have become a united country if the British didn't colonize it. They made India a united country. Had they not come, we would have found several different countries in the place of one India.
  4. They developed all our major cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Calcutta and Bangalore.
  5. It is due to British, we have all round development in Science and Technology.
  6. They introduced railways. They built ports.
  7. Had they not come, may be the whole South Asian sub continent would have become a much more predominant agricultural area ( countries). May be exporting agricultural produce in a much larger level; but, importing everything else.
  8. They abolished evil practices like "Sati".
  9. Yes, they were responsible for destruction of indigenous looms. But, they introduced modern textile machines. May be, had they not come, we would have all be using hand looms cloths only.
  10. But, their Foremost contribution was they prevented India from becoming a Muslim country.
  11. Before Ghazni invasion, the South Asian subcontinent comprising the present India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh,Nepal, Bhutan, Sikkim, Burma, Srilanka were all ruled by Hindu kings only. The people were all Hindus, Buddhists and Jain only. There were no Muslim or Christian in the sub continent.
  12. Every Muslim invaders, who invaded the Indian sub continent, including the Mughals, had only one agenda and that was to convert all the Hindus, Buddhists and Jain ( All Infidels) into Muslims. And, all the Muslim invaders were quite remarkably successful in their agenda. The result was Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh, which were all once Hindu countries, became completely Muslim countries. The Muslim invaders had already forcefully converted millions of Indians and, had not the British ruled India for those 200 years from the 18th century, the remaining Indians would have also been converted and India would also have become a complete Muslim country.
  13. British introduced modern weaponry to Indians. They taught the Indians how to use those modern weaponry and how to be disciplined and organised while fighting the enemy. This modern weaponry stopped the Muslim invasion of India and further conversions.
  14. Whether you agree it or not, the benefits derived from their rule outweighs the losses we suffered under their rule.

It would be a lot different. Before the British came to rule, the Marathas were the strongest power. Here is a map

Observe here, this map of India in 1805.

The concept of territorial state in India developed around 600 B.C. in which various janpad ( Smaller republic) and mahajanpad (Bigger republic) were formed , by the end 5th B.C. in Northern india itself have 16 Mahajanpad. At the time of Alexander invasion the various republic were scattered which could not defend themselves against greek onslaught , at this time the concept of Rashtra was embedded by Chanayaka in order to defend this sacred land from further invasion . which was well executed by Chandragupta Maurya in which almost all smaller republic of Northern India supported to over throw Nanda dynasty and form the strong nation .

This Rashtra concept got mature with the passage of the time as Magadha and Kalinga were staunch eneimes at one time but after Ashoka when Bacterian greek again invaded India the Kaling ruler took the responsiblity on himself to defend Patliputra which was the seat of power at that time

As various ruler led various form of interpretation of RASHTRA but soon or later the concept one nation was still alive Whether they were Satvahana (1 A.D.) Gupta Ruler (4 A.D.) Rastrakuta (7th A.D.)or the futile attempt made by Chauhan(12th A.D.)

In 17th A.D. - The national revolution for unify India was launched by Shivaji which was carried by the GREAT MARATHA under Peshwa one of the most prominent peshwa Ruler Baji rao - I in shahu ji Maharaj court declared the Bhagwa Flag will flourish from Attock to Peshawar

Even the RSS - Akhand Bharat concept and it territorial boundaries was drives from Maratha empire vision

Britisher gave centralized administration to effectively exploit the country and in order to justify there rule in india they said Britisher has done a lot for the well being of this land like - unification , civilised people , Democracy , Railway etc

As I get old and India is progressing on a global scale with clean streets and toilets focus, I cannot fathom why we would still wonder if at any given time British rule was good for us.

They taxed at 89% for every penny made and decimated the education system, caused poverty and artificial famine. Their celeberated hero of a prime minsiter, Churchill killed as many as 200k Indians through his wanton disregard for basic food supplies to Indians and the list goes on.

We're are where we are based on our own efforts and merits, nothing besides some old roads, occupied buildings and basic railway systems came from the British.

We have a richer culture that survived, the only thing we did because of the British is to wipeout the various kings and rulers and took up democracy and that too without having to take up weapons.

So be a proud Indian, India is great, recognize the Indian values and spend more time understanding the efforts of our fellow country men.

Just a request!

Whatever developments, Britishers did, They did it only for their profit.

Like, They started Trains only for easy movement of their army through out country and Also to increase their trade. Same was case for Post and many other things.

We were able to start all of above without them also.....

Only thing, in which they did development was, Our Society. They forcefully stopped many weird & wrong traditions like Sati, No right of marriage to the widow & many more....

But in case of development, India would be much better if British wouldn't have ruled us.

Before Britishers came, India's contribution to the world economy was 24% & when they left us, That contribution came to 3%.

So From above You can conclude, There was no impact of Britishers on India for development purpose.

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