How to avoid international roaming charges when travelling out of my home country

To avoid international roaming charges always see to it that your roaming option is turned off. If you are using Android all you need to do is go to settings> More Networks> Mobile Networks > Then make sure that data roaming is unchecked.

If you are using iOS go to settings> mobile data>mobile data options>turn data roaming off

But if you really need to use roaming without the hidden charges and the cheaper way. I recommend you to use Flexiroam and here are the reasons why:

1.) You don't need to change your current sim every time you travel, because Flexiroam uses a microchip sticker to be attached to your current sim.

2.) Coverage of almost 120+ countries all around the world

3.) Cheap rates according to your needs & budget.

International roaming should not be a problem if you are smart enough to choose the right sim card for your travel.

Roaming without hidden charges is not a problem. If you want to save up to 80% on roaming - just choose 4G data sim card or hotsport from
These guys have global coverage and pro support.
You have a full year to use your initial 1GB of data. Also you can easily check your balance and refill the data any time you need.

Roaming Fees

Be aware that data roaming fees can apply even if you are traveling domestically. If you're not leaving the country, you may think you're in the clear regarding roaming charges.

However, you can still be charged roaming fees in some instances; for example, US providers may charge roaming fees if you go to Alaska and they don't have cell towers there. Another example: cruise ships use their own cellular antennas, so you may be charged by your cell provider as much as $5 per minute for any voice/data usage while onboard a cruise ship. So, continue to Step 2 if you are unsure what your roaming status would be.

Call Your Provider

Contacting your service provider or researching their roaming policies online is essential because fees and policies vary by carrier. You also want to confirm before you travel that your phone will work at your end destination and that your plan has the appropriate features for international roaming, if applicable. For example, I knew that because T-Mobile uses the GSM technology prevalent in most countries, my cell phone would work overseas.

However, I didn't know that I needed to contact T-Mobile to have the international roaming add-on (which is free on their service) activated.

It's unavoidable. Only thing you can prefer doing is making internet calls. And for that too you'll need access to wifi. Anyways most of the airports have free Wifi , only you need to do is some registrations and you're ready to go.

Also hotels have wifi and most of the times it's for free. So keep enjoying. But also Just activate your international incoming and outgoing and that's free on almost any network so that when you're in trouble you can make urgent calls.

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