How to become a full time teacher from a substitute teacher in a Public School

Very simply just apply for the job.

If there is a job opening in the school you work in already, and they like you then it shouldn't be a problem but do talk to the Head of Department and the Head first (to see whether they do like you). If there isn't a job going and they like you, talk to those two anyway and see whether they have an opening coming up, or if they really like, whether they can make one for you.

Otherwise, get some good references and apply like everybody else.

(You should be fully qualified and a specialist in the subject you want to teach).

1.  Have a degree and a license to teach in your are of interest.
2.  Substitute teach in a school district in the midst of hiring replacement teachers or new ones because of growth in the student population.
3.  Concentrate on working in one or two schools that you like and feel comfortable in.
4.  Have the school principal observe your teaching more than once.
5.  Ask the principal for a recommendation that she or he will pass on to the district's HR department.
6.  Apply for positions for 2016 - 2017 that are coming online now.
7.  Do well during the interview process.

A substitute teacher doesn't require a degree, training, or any form of certifications, although CPR and basic health care certifications are preferred as well as as much college credits as possible in the specific field of teaching.

In order to go from a sub to a full time teacher you will need to get all of those things mentioned above.

Each state has their own requirements regarding full time teachers so you will need to contact the board of education to learn more about what exactly you'll need to land a position as a full time teacher.

This depends on the area you are teaching in.  Our 'substitute' teachers are mostly our teachers waiting to get a full time position.  We also have retired teachers who stay in the field and are restricted to how many days they can teach although some boards will not allow any retired teachers-- the list is strictly for new teachers waiting for a full time position.  Thus, each school board has a list and you have to apply to have your name put on that list.   You do have to be a fully qualified teacher.   It does give the schools an idea of the "talents" of upcoming teachers and who they may want in their school should a position become available so if you weren't a motivated substitute teacher you may not get beyond the first interviews for full time.

I did that. I decided to take the teaching tests in Massachusetts. (MTEL). I had an engineering background so I decided to take the Technology/Engineering test.  My license after passing the test was a "preliminary" license. I got into a program at Fitchburg State University that enable me to make that license into an Initial license. I had to take methods, curriculum development, and a round of student teaching. I was already working so the program allowed me to use real classroom experience. It wound up costing me around $3K.

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