How to become less foodie

Please make yourself clear here. Are you a Foodie or do you have overeating habit??

Both of these terms you mentioned are different. Well let me clear this for you;

A foodie is one who seeks new food experiences as a hobby.

An over eating person rather just simply eats out of convenience or hunger.

Guess you now understood what these term actually mean.

Coming to the second part of your question, to become or not to become a foodie is in your heart, soul and mind. When you know something is interesting you continue to do it at your very best. So why stop doing what keeps you going.

Why is it more effective to focus on the big compound lifts for building muscle and strength instead of doing a lot of isolation exercises?

Results are much faster with compound lifts but such things are for the advanced level. If you are a beginner or intermediate level , then you need to focus on isolation exercises too.Once the appropriate muscles are achieved on different parts then frequent compound lifts

Animals cannot survive without plants. How is that?

not in all cases ... well it depends on the level of consumer as there r three levels of consumersprimary ,secondary , tertiary...and top consumers . now simply primary are herbivores which depends on plants and secondary consumers are also known as primary carnivores and they depends on the primary consumers

What should I do when I am not able to breathe?

As I understand from the wordings of the Question, You mean to ask dear Sherry, if at any instance, you are breathless.. Then what should you do? - Tell me, if my understanding is right?So, assuming the situation