How to become more valuable in life

Ways To Becoming More Valuable

Expertise – What you know
Skill – What you do
Productivity – What you get done
Efficiency – How you get done what you get done
Organization/Multiplication – How you get things done by means other than manual labor Influence – What you can get others to get done
Influence – What you can get others to get done
Relationships – Who you know (Do they challenge you & stretch your thinking?)
Celebrity Status – How well you are known by your target audience
Reputation – What others know and think about you
Vision – What you see, that others don't
Personality – How you treat others, and how well you connect
Attitude – Your attitude towards yourself, and towards others

Powerful Questions

How much money have you saved within the last 12 months?

How many books have you read the past 90 days?

What are you doing daily to assure you're becoming more valuable?

Are the people you're around most holding you to high standards?

Do you have a solid plan you could start today to become more valuable?

This is my first Quora answer.

you are already the most valuable person. you have to reveal it not you have to achieve it.

we are all diamonds but with dust. remove the dust.

we all are mirrors with reflection of the same moon but with deformities in the making, remove them and you are moon.

why i am saying so. you are living on earth because you have a part to play. else why would earth waste his breaths on you.

every breath is precious and its not you who is taking it rather its earth who is filling it. don't believe, try to stop your breath for as long as you can if you i leave. you can prolong it to minutes but forever if you could stop it.

so earth is keeping you alive there must be some thing for which it is doing so. if you can try to find the purpose of life you have found the most valuable. not in the life, but life itself. life itself is the most valuable gift.

if you could understand it sooner life will be amazing and you will know your worth. you are already that what you are seeking, do not try to become just be. who you are just be yourself.


We become valuable by contributing in whatever we can in our daily life be it our professional life or personal life. We must not feel dejected when the rewards for what we do are not to our satisfaction. The biggest power in our lives lies in action and not in the reward because we have no control over the reward. We have to keep away from greed,pride,lust,addictions,hatred and anything which can take away from us our internal harmony. We have to give our 100% in everything we do and then spend the rest of our times in meditation or any other spiritual activity to our liking. We are already valuable in the sense that we are all made unique by god and we carry within us the entire universe. We are the macrocosm. When we do our job well we feel satisfied and that keeps us going and makes us do more and more. We become useful to society and can contribute in a small value to the improvement of the world

You become more valuable in life when you are able to use whatever experiences, good and bad, to improve yourself and then help others who have gone down similar paths that you did. When all you are doing is simply coasting by life and not taking advantage of it, you are devaluing yourself and the life you were given. By being productive and adaptive, you are more valuable than ever. Not just to yourself, but to those around you.

Majority are born, eat and drink, grow, study. breed, age and die - leaving not a trace of their existence. To become ‘of value' learn to become of value; becoming financially secure; sharing expertise and wealth with others; leaving children able to follow your lifestyle of service.

Be friendly, compassionate and helpful. Be in harmony with the nature.

What are the best ways to make money as a teenager?

I've been fairly successful using some of the following methods, enough to be almost completely independent from my parents throughout high schoool.1) Take advantage of Alibaba. A lot of people fail to realize the power of Chinese manufacturers to produce products at a fraction of what you may pay for it in the US.

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