How to become motivated to change myself? I have gained 30 lbs over 6 years and I no longer feel comfortable bending over or sitting down. I often feel tired by the time I am home from work and feel too depressed to do anything about my problem

Starting is the hardest part.

Start with one small change, something so small that it will be easy to do. One common initial change that people make is to stop drinking sugary drinks. Instead they drink water or diet drinks. You'll likely experience weight loss after doing this for a couple of weeks. It could motivate you to make the next small change, such as eliminating all sugary foods, bread, or starches.

For exercise, pick a time of day and spend just one minute moving. Do something easy so that you won't be discouraged, such as arm circles or knee lifts. Set an alarm on your phone and don't delay. I recommend doing it as soon as you get up. That way it's done for the day.

This has nothing to do with diet or exercise, but discipline. It's an easy thing that's actually quite rewarding: make your bed every day. It's an small thing that you can control. You can see the tidy bed and feel good about it.

You don't have to change your whole life. Just start.

I hope this helps.

How to fix a muscle above the knee from bending or not holding up when standing

I'm not exactly sure what you are trying to ask but I'll do my best. The question as stated seems to be asking about knee lock out while standing. First you have to evaluate if there is an injury there. If there is have

What are the exercises allowed for a person with ACL tear?

It depends how big the tear is, but the key thing is to build up the strength and stability around the knee as well as proprioception (linked with balance). The main activities that are likely to cause problems with an ACL tear are things where the knee is