How to bench press without a spotter

Drop the bar and do dumbell presses.  They incorporate more muscles.  Bench presses can force the shoulder into unnatural position making you more  susceptible to injury.  Also, each side is working independent of the other, so the stronger side can't compensate for the weaker -- and result in muscle imbalances.
I haven't done barbell bench presses years.
Why is it almost impossible to do front chin-ups for a beginner?

Not sure what front chin-ups are (like pull-ups?) They are all hard. To start people recommend assisted (with band or partner), jumping and slow negative. As for the difficulty I don't know what other normal activities use the same muscles. You are pulling with 100% (Hence the

What are the best SQL video tutorials?

By watching these videos and notes you can learn by your ownSQL Step by Step VideosStructured Query Language, or what's more commonly known as SQL, is a special-purpose programming language that's used to interact with databases. It works

What is the best low impact exercise for weight loss?

If you were to raise those that have figured out a minimum of some of times for his or her opinion on which kind of exercise is best, the answers would invariably differ. albeit there's some overlap, as is that the case once cardio is favored, definite opinions can ne'er be a similar.