How to build and maintain six pack abs in one month

So, you want your abs to be more pronounced in one month's time? And have it stay that way forever?

That can be easily done. Just get rid of the fat stored in your midsection.

Three things: carbohydrate, fat, and protein. Your body can and will convert them, whenever necessary, into glucose. Glucose is what your body use to power itself. Your body stores the glucose it makes but has not use. Your body can only store so much glucose. When it can store no more, it will store glucose as fat.

The fat is there for whenever your body needs energy. That's whenever you aren't getting a sufficient amount of calories and your reservoir of glucose is running dry. Putting your body in such a state of energy deficit is the key. The key to ridding yourself of the fat stored in your midsection.

The two less drastic ways to put your body in a state of energy deficit is through: a change in your diet, or a change in the intensity of any activity you partake in. You can do either.

Change your diet. I would throw out all the fat-free or low-fat labeled food and drinks and get those without any fat reduction. In fact, I did (to a certain degree). I'm not suggesting you do the same. I'm making the point that fat is good. Not so much Saturated or Trans fat in high dosage but Polyunsaturated and Monounsaturated fat are. So take a look at the Nutrition Fact label and compare and contrast the reduce fat option and the full fat option. Fat is your friend.

Carbs, not so much. They go in and become glucose. If your body doesn't need it, it will store it. Chances are, as the fat you are trying to reduce. So reduce the carbs intake.

With these two changes to your diet, your body will start using fat to fuel itself. Bye-bye fat.

Change in the intensity of any activity you partake in. This is achieved in two ways. One, by causing your body to use more energy than necessary. Two, doing something that requires your body to expend more energy. The more energy your body use the faster it will burn through its reservoir of glucose. After it finishes that, it will burn through its reservoir of fat. We want it to burn through its reservoir of fat.

Sure, you can take the stairs. Raise one foot after the next to the step after the last. Or you can push off each step with an excessive amount of EXPLOSIVE force. You can hold onto that steel bottle as you pour the water it's filled with into your mouth. Or you can try to CRUSH the bottle in your grip as you pour the water it's filled with into your mouth. This is called, "using more energy than necessary."

Lifting weights is an example of an activity that requires your body to expend more energy. Specifically using weights to do compound exercises. Compound exercises are exercises using more than one muscle group to perform its movement. Not only is it a more efficient use of your time (when compared to isolated exercises) it fatigues more muscles.

Fatigue muscles is the result of using the glucose stored in the muscles. The more muscles that deplete its reservoir of glucose, the higher amount of fat your body will have to burn. (This is also why "using more energy than necessary" helps-it's because it can fatigue your muscles.)

Body exercises (no weights) are OK.

Remember to sleep and not exercise every single day. Give your body a break, it will still be burning through its fat stores 24h+ after you last exercise. If you don't give your body a break you will be stressing it out and not in the good way. More in the I'm-going-to-gain-fat-just-to-spite-you-way. Meanwhile, sleep is a fat burner like no other. Reducing the amount of time you spend asleep reduces the amount of fat your body burns.

I guarantee you, and everyone else, will see that six pack abs you have hiding beneath all that fat in one month's time.

To maintain it, just keep the principles in mind. All you have to do is use up your glucose reserves and your body will burn its fat reserves. As long as you remember this and whatever else I written that speaks to you, you'll be fine. You'll be like the many other six-pack-abs-having-fit-people who post pictures of themselves eating some sort of dessert, or downing down a meal that could feed a family of five, yet seem to still have their abs which defies logic so they must have logic-defying-abs which would make them not human, perfect, or [insert your favorite word to use against people you envy here].

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