How to build upper body muscle mass in the shortest time

The quickest way to build upper body mass is to specialize in it. You only have a limited amount of recovery that your body can use, so take out most of your lower body work, and replace it with upper body work:

  • Still do squats 1–3 times a week, the increase in Testosterone is worth it just by itself, but because it's a whole body exercise it will improve mass in your shoulders, back, arms, and every place else.
  • Up your upper body frequency to at least 3 times a week. Frequency is the biggest factor in growth and for anyone who isn't at an advanced training age they'll be able to get away with training it at least 3 times a week.
  • After you've added in the frequency, up volume! Instead of doing 3 sets of curls do 4, then the next week do 5!

It's important that you are eating to grow if you're trying to put on mass, so ensure you're getting proper amounts of protein, and then from carbs and fats as well. Aim for 17–18 times your bodyweight goal in calories.

A sample program would look something like:

Day 1

  • Squats 3 sets of 8–10 reps
  • Bench Press 3–7 sets of 8–10
  • Rows (Pick a variation) 3–7 sets of 10–15
  • Biceps (pick a variation, doesn't make a huge difference) 3–7 sets of 8–12
  • Triceps (CGBP, skull crushers, extensions of any variety) 3–7 sets of 6–8

Day 2

  • Squats 3–5 sets of 5–8 Reps
  • Overhead Press 3–7 sets of 8–10
  • Vertical pull (Lat Pull downs, Chin ups, Pull Ups) 3–7 sets of 5–8 (Leave a couple reps in the tank here and go slow and controlled)
  • Biceps (Different variation than day 1) 3–7 sets of 12–15
  • Triceps (Different variation than day 1) 3–7 sets of 8–12

Give at least a day between workouts, alternate them. What you'll do is add sets every workout until you complete 7 sets at the given weight, then add weight and start back from 3 sets. The volume will put mass on quickly as long as you're eating enough to support it.

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