How to bulk up without going to a gym

Let me help you, guys!

First, and biggest part is the nutrition  (nutrition is about 60%, workouts 40% sometimes even less):


  • Decide for one system: low-carb, paleo, IIFYM, etc. - there are thousands
  • make this your LIFE - it is not about maintaining this diet for 4 weeks, it should be about maintaining this "diet" for your whole LIFE
  • make sure to read a lot of cook books and watch tutorials on how to prepare easy and fast meals - this will increase the probability of success enormously (50 Fitness Meals That Take 5 Minutes Each)
  • again, it is not enough to have a plan - you must be able to implement it, thus find as easy recipes as possible to stick to your nutrition (50 Fitness Meals That Take 5 Minutes Each)


Here is my hotel workout plan:

All exercises can be enhanced by using a flexible band!


  • Pushups wide (like really wide!)

Even wider than this guy!

What is the best phone for less than Rs 8000?

Redmi 4A is the best choice !!! At 599913MP primary camera with 5-elements lens, f/2.2 aperture, PDAF, high dynamic range (HDR), panaroma, 1080p full HD video recording and 5MP front facing camera12.7 centimeters (5-inch) IPS capacitive touchscreen with 1280 x

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