How to change my habits of eating healthy food over dieting

Diet is for every body and forever. You should be on a diet forever and have cheat days after a fixed interval. The body needs proper nutrition and the taste buds need junk after intervals, satisfy both.

I can help you start small, cumulatively which will become a remarkable step/change:-

  1. If you have a sweet-tooth, reduce the number of sweets to ‘only one' sweet per day. Eat that in the morning, avoid at night.You can reduce it further as time passes by.
  2. If you have a variety of biscuits at home, check the nutrition & ingredients and realize that they are not for you. Opt for healthier ones if you may, like Cream cracker, Threptin, Nutrichoice etc.
  3. Give up on bread. If you cannot, at least give up on white bread. Go for multi-grain, wheat or brown.
  4. What snacks do you eat in between your meals? If you don't eat any, then that's worse, but if you have a stock of unhealthy snacks, substitute them with Fruits, Juices, Milk, Sprouts, Salad, Dry fruits, Roasted mixtures and things like them.
  5. Eat a sweet if you have to, in the morning but avoid at night.
  6. Have your dinner at least two to three before bedtime.
  7. Exercise! This will help you realize how difficult it is to lose all those calories, fat and excess weight, you will think twice before taking anything in.
  8. Drink a glass of lukewarm water in the morning and squirt a lemon in it. This helps you clean your systems and also, do it the Indian way. Shit in the Indian style even on the western toilets and you will realize that all that accumulated waste is thrown out. There is some science behind it, that the posture in the Indian style is good for pushing all the waste out. Also, to clean you systems, have Flax seeds.

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