How to change the thinking of my parents, who are against a love marriage

First things first, this is a complete change in their mindset that you want to introduce and it will take time.

Now, you have to make sure that they let go of the negativity they have for love marriages. This negativity may stem from a bad experience in family, narrow mindedness because of their educational as well as ethnic backgrounds. Find the tip of the root(the reason of their hatred) and start uprooting it slowly and steadily.

Some tips that may be helpful in uprooting this belief:-

  1. Take them out for movies. Movies, in general, portray love marriages in good light. Acceptance of people for love marriages is bound to strike thier conscience
  2. Give them examples of people who went for a love marriage and are leading a great life because of a good understanding between themselves.
  3. Invite your liberal relatives or family friends for a meal at your place. Subtly invoke this topic in your discussion. A person who they admire in general can bring out a big transformation in their thinking by just talking to them, make good use of this.

I hope these things help you out in convincing your parents. All the best :)

What happens to your body when you eat a 4000 calorie meal?

It depends on the person and on what was in the meal. It might cause indigestion.  Cholesterol, which you mention in the details, is irrelevant - what you eat has, at most, very small effects on your cholesterol level.

Is Lifetime Fitness good?

I found it to be alright, if incredibly overpriced.Pros:New equipment (machines, treadmills, etc.), and lots of it.They tend to be very largeCons:The price.Free Weight sections are undersized.It really depends on your goals. If you want free weights, and are not intimidated by people bigger than yourself, Gold's Gym is the place for you.