How to cheer up my friend when she is sad

First try to figure out the reason behind her being sad.

  • If the reason is something that you have done, say sorry at that very moment and never ever repeat the same thing ever again. Even if you think that thing is correct, 100% genuine leave that thing and never repeat the same thing. There might some time when she herself asks you to do the same thing so as you will be happy, i strongly suggest you not to do. take initiative and say that "you are okay without that". Don't forget to keep smiling when you say that because your each DNA was under scanner at that moment. After you accepts mistake(that was not your mistake) give her some time, maximum 10 minutes she will be fine and back being happy because mission successful.
  • If the reason is not you,you can do almost anything your efforts matter. Best You can do is
    1. Bitching : Sit with her and listen to the reason and try your level best to justify that your girl is Right and everything else is BAD/Wrong. No matter what your senses says don't in your wildest drams try to make her understand something. She is way more intelligent then you think she is. She knows what you are about to say but she doesn't want to listen that at that time. just say what she wants to listen. You can un hide your senses later when she is back in Good mood,at that she will listen and Understand you as well. Remember not being The AS*****E who spoils her relationship with anybody.. ANYBODY in the process.
    2. Cook : No matter how diet conscious a girl is , she is always ready to eat her favorite dish when she is sad or not in a mood. And you being the cook will add some extra spice to the food because its sure that you are gonna mess up and here she will help you out and then she will be diverted from the main topic and congrats she is back in mood.
    3. Chocolate : chocolate and girls are like sea and shore, they both push each other away but they are inseparable.
    4. Music : when she is in no talking mood don't force her to speak up. Just play some of her favorite music in the background and start humming the same . Don't forget the pitch of background and your voice Low. Just make the good ambiance near the girl.
    5. Take her out : most of the girls like be alone at home during this time,but if she is in mood to go out and get somewhere lost. Take her out to some nice hilly place/Movie/game or Shopping. try the option for Shopping first.
    6. Don't leave her alone : no matter what she says, don't ever leave her alone. at this time you should act like a "mouse under the table", present but invisible. And always ready to pop up.

I am sure your girl will be happy to have a friend like you with her always.

ANONYMOUS person : i dare you not to be .... . Come out and remove your Anonymity .

Visit her. Insist on going outside. You drive.

Irrespective of the reason that she is sad, whether she chooses to tell you the reason or not; respect her feelings. She is in a process of a feeling getting through and every conscious being has a way to go through it.

Helping in seeing the light at the end of sadness is something you can do as a friend. It's what friends do.

It's a good time to ramble about your own problems because if you're miserable together, you'll can come up. Also if she sees that other people have problems, she will not feel alone.

Well...if its a friend it does not matter if its male or female.

Do the normal stuff, grab some stuff to eat, enjoy a movie, discuss how to resolve whatever making her sad

u r her well. u know what she likes to eat(mostly works). if she came to you when she was sad then she somehows feels good talking to you and she knows u'll cheer her up. first of all, listen to her without interrupting, take her out, support her, even if she is wrong, later when she gets normal u can correct her. hug her. that would suffice i think :). hope u r satisfied with the answer

Help her in identifying her own negative thinking which is more then the positive thinking in ratio ....

Or other way is .. ask her to tell me ways to remove sadness

When she will explain u ....... During the process ...... she will start utilising the methods she is telling u

Called gestalt therapy

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