How to cope with my husbands ex-lover

What are you coping? You said two key words, husband and ex-lover.

So have you both spoken about and move on from his affair? Have you understood why he had the affair? Have to come to some agreement on what you both are going to do to repair your marriage going forward? Have you forgiven him and let it go?

So clearly all of these things need to be rectified before you can start thinking about the ex-lover which should not be in your mind to begin with.

I feel bad for leaving a toxic relationship. Is this normal?

Absolutely.Anything you invested time, money, sweat and effort into will be hard to walk away from, no matter how bad it was for you. That includes people and relationships.Humans are creatures that assign value to things based on how much they invested into it. Time and effort are not often seen as investments by many people, but the truth

How are you coping with old age?

I'm 75 and these are the best years of my life, by far. I'm healthy, probably healthier than ever, working harder than ever, doing better work than ever, My relationships are more rewarding, my finances are okay, I'm ready to die at any minute but loving every minute of life I have left

If I have a protein shake before working out for strength, what is a natural recovery drink I can make?

A natural recovery drink could be a blend of yoghurt, bananas, milk, etc. This contains carbs, fat, protein. Either way you have to track all macros for effectiveness. Personally I take 2 scoops of Myfitfuel's whey protein post-workout for initiating muscle recovery immediately and it works extremely well and the taste is excellent.