How to create a Twitter Bot that retweet and like tweets

I just built one, mostly to learn Node, and found this to be a good starting point:

How to build your own Twitter bot in less than 30 minutes

That will get you all setup and show you a basic function. It really doesn't take that long but of course is nothing advanced.

After running through that tutorial I found these helpful:

Creating a basic Twitter Bot in Node.js


It did take me quite a bit of time to complete several basic functions/features. Though, if you are well versed in JavaScript and Node you may breeze through it!

My Twitter bot is Lou's Toaster (@LouBagelBot) | Twitter but it probably won't be running most of the time as I'm using free hosting/server for it and it keeps stopping. I made a couple basic commands (explained in the pinned post) that will cause it to do actions when you mention it with the instructions.

Hopefully I have time to think and implement something more useful for it to do, but nevertheless it was a good learning experience!

To create a twitter bot, you need to create a twitter App, at Twitter Application Management

Get Access Token Keys and serial keys.

Then add keys to your bots.

Bots services are offered by different host.

Check Instructions here

Twitter's job is to keep people informed about what's happening in the world., and we're working to ensure we are surfacing the highest quality and most relevant content and context first.These vital interactions happen on Twitter every day.

Creating the custom bot you can also create the twitter bot by using the software is very hard. However you can use the existed twitter bot TwitterAttacksPro to automatic retweet and like tweets.

TweetAttacksPro 4 is designed to run thousands of twitter accounts at the same time 24/7 to auto-follow, unfollow, follow back, tweet, retweet, reply, favorite, delete tweet, unretweet, unfavorite, add to list and send messages to your new followers ..etc. Every account can have its own settings thus preventing twitter from becoming suspicious about the account, plus the software can simulate human operation perfectly!

While bots can be a positive and vital tool, from customer support to public safety, we strictly prohibit the use of bots and other networks of manipulation to undermine the core functionality of our service. We've been doubling down on our efforts here, . We'll continue to iterate, learn, and make improvements on a rolling basis to ensure our tech is effective in the face of new challenges.expanding our team and resources, and building new tools and processes

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