How to create new tragedy stories in Telugu movies

A Frustrated Telugodi answer. Just make a new film everything from titles to the end in English and release it. Then that will be greatest tragedy for Telugu movies. To add salt to the sore add Chinese subtitles to reach larger audience. That will be NEW TRAGEDY in TELUGU movies. UNESCO recently warned Telugu would soon be dead, that will be the death blow. Btwn, the movie can be assured a big hit, even the children will be encouraged to watch the movie that can improve their English. CM babu will encourage youth to watch the movie as the next people that we might work under is Chinese after Japanese. He might also go further and create a workshop or a three hour skill development program. It  might even win national award for creating an unique and new kind movie ever made. A martya sen would recommend it for Nobel and Oscar but under the category of Universal movie.  You might be annoyed at the answer and even down vote, but this is the scenario of today. :( Feeling really sad but true.  :(.
What roles required no acting because the actors or actresses playing them were just like the characters?

First of all, it's a misnomer to say that playing yourself requires no acting. In some ways, that can be the hardest role of all, because you have no quirky character traits or accents to hide behind.Acting, as my acting teacher Richard Brestoff was fond of saying, is

What do you feel in your life that makes you crazy?

1. Replace expectations with plans.When you form expectations, you're setting yourself up for disappointment. You can guide your tomorrow, but you can't control the exact outcome. If you expect the worst, you'll probably feel too negative and closed-minded to notice and seize opportunities. If you expect the best, you'll

Why are people obsessed with death?

Most people (if not all), are fascinated with death.  Regardless of the religion you may hold, you know there are still questions.  How can you not be fascinated?  The person was alive and breathing, laughing, joking, crying, angry or whatever...and then they are not moving.  Not breathing.  And, after a while, cold.I worked in the ER