How to deal with an abusive husband? I love him too much to leave. Can I change him

You live him too much to leave. That means you must love all of him, including the abuse. No, he won't change. Why should he, when you love him as he is? Think, do you really love him, the person he really is? Or would you love him if he would only stop? Because in that second situation, you are in love with an imaginary person. A person similar to your husband but who is not abusive. And there is no such person. If that is the case, then GET OUT.

But if you choose to accept the abusive person, you are choosing to accept the abuse.

I don't want you to think I am justifying the abuse. I am certainly not. But he won't stop abusing you until you leave. And maybe not then. So if you've decided not to leave, you are by that decision to stay, preventing anyone from protecting you. (And perhaps your children)

Do you really love the abuser so much you want to stay? Think on that.

Did SRK marry Priyanka Chopra?

These photos someone posted of SRk with Chopra are no different than the photos he takes with any of his leading ladies. He is an actor, so he takes photos with his leading ladies making it look like he adores them for the film they are doing at the time, which is

What are psychological problems?

Exactly I don't know...Over reactingSilence or submissive or introvertFuriousFear ...Addictions(mobile...TV...pronogrphy..alcohol )LoveHateForgivingStubborn all these are kind of problemsAny feeling as long as with in permissible limit nothing other wise every single thought of mind can be psychological problem.Love is called obsessionAnger