How to deal with parents that don't want to be parents anymore

your already here . What they can pretend you were not born ?

You did not mention your age, that would help me better with this answer. IF say , you are 18 . So I will go of that. Since they may feel they do not want to be parents anymore , they are parents and will remain so. However this does not mean they have to have any interaction with you. Sadly there is not a test that couples , or singles , have to take to see if they are worthy to be parents . Some people should not have children for any reason. I would say that a parent who decides this , needs deep counseling, they are cruel. As for the child they have decided to pretend is not there .. they are far better off without them.

How many of you support the idea of India as a Hindu nation?

India is a land of diverse religion not one.Since centuries foreigners have been coming to this land and practicing their own culture and none had any objection towards it.Mark Twain has described India as birth place of human race,cradle of human speech,mother of civilization...If you believe

How old were you when you got your first journal publication?

I was 24. The publication is described in Philip Howie's answer to What was your first scientific published paper?I started university at 18, did a four-year undergraduate and graduated at 22 with a BA and an MSci. I went straight into my PhD.That first paper

What are the differences between American and Australian values?

There are many big picture values that Americans and Australians share in common. As an Aussie, I see that both nations highly value: individual freedom and fully understand that it's not free but rather comes at a significant price. This is why you will find that