How to divorce from my husband as mutual consent, without withdrawing my file from the court? Can I continue to negotiate with my husband while my file is at the court

If you have not filed yet, you definitely need to get all negotiations complete before the court process. If you wait and expect lawyers to work things out you need to remember that all of the time is costing you money. And it is usually IMHO an unnecessary expense.

The best legal forms of divorce I have used yet...I used a differe text of documents as a guide. I took my exes advice,called a divorce lawyer up from the classifieds, follow their step by step simply instructions take paperwork to court pay filing fee (usually most expensive part) receive divorce in a matter of hours.

Is it justified to kill 1,000,000 people in order to save 1,000,001 people?

Ah, the old utilitarianism vs deontology problem. This is one of the oldest philosophical discussions.Short answer? There's no objective way to look at this.Deontology argues that certain actions are right and wrong regardless of their consequences, and that people have

How can the 21st December be both the Astronomical start of winter and midwinter's day? Why isn't the start & end of winter equal distance either side of the shortest day?

In the Gregorian calendar, mid-winter's day is Candlemas, known sometimes and inappropriately as Ground Hog Day. It's halfway between the winter solstice and the vernal equinox. Old timers would say that on Candlemas you should have half your hay and half your wood. Despite being slightly counter intuitive, winter solstice marks the beginning of winter (astronomically) due to what's

Why do people keep telling me that I am bad at workout (gym)?

2 possibilities.Your technique sucks. In which case, you are going to hurt yourself sooner or later. Find someone to instruct you if that is the case. Also, if you are playing around with obviously to light weights, ok, it is not reason enough to call you bad, it is just a mistake.