How to download GTA V for my Android device

For the last time, you cannot download GTA V on Android, iPhone or any other mobile device!

Do you know what ammount of computing power one needs to run a game like Grand Theft Auto V? It's a lot. Only high-end PCs and powerful consoles can run the game smoothly. And a phone usually struggles at least a little bit with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas; a 13 year old game.

I can imagine that you're feeling very stupid now.

But, there are some good news.

Rockstar has released every GTA game after its 10 year anniversary. GTA V is an almost 4 year old game, so we can assume that ot will be released for our mobile phones in 6 years and 3 quarters.

And we can also imagine that GTA IV will come to our phones shortly.

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