How to earn 10000 every week online in India

I have completed my graduation in 2012. I'm an electrical major guy, I got placed in Microtek inverters. They offered 10k per month. So I thought of learning some software courses. In 2014 I got placed in MNC. And at present I am working as a software professional.

But in 2012 December one of my friend suggested to start working in online sites like Chegg,Fiverr, transtutors. So I started working with Chegg on 2013 March.

My initial earnings on Chegg are around 7.5k per month.I was amazed, because I never thought that we can earn something online without any investment. But yes,if we have that patience and zeal to learn, we can start earning online.

Chegg is the site where students post their questions online and we should answer it .They will give points for each question.Per question they will pay Rs.150 to Rs.300/- . Earlier they used to pay that amount through gift vouchers.Now they are paying money. But they have changed lot of policies. But now I have my own clients who work with me personally.

I worked with Chegg for 2 years. By the end of two years, I was able to earn 30k minimum per month.Yes things won't change in a day. And I came out from that site in 2015. Now I work with my own contacts.

Hardwork and interest towards the work Which you are doing should lead you to the heights.

A week back I have started a blog. And made a first post related to my works.

EGR203 Electrical and Electronic Circuits Homework 3

As of now ,it has only one post. In future you may find more posts.

And I'm thinking to start writing the posts,how to earn online. I'm working on it. I just don't want to put any junk data, so I'm taking time and making sure of everything.

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