How to eat more food

1. Pre workout snack - Breakfast - mid morning snack - lunch - afternoon snack - dinner - light dessert is a LOT for 24 hours.
2. Inclusion of fiber such as vegetables doubles your plate size => more food!
3. Vegetable or fruit juices counts as food too.
4. Several cups of TEA can be counted as comforting food.

Phew! That is a lot of nom-nom, slurp-slurp.

To answer your point under the question, from my experience, I performed better at my workout if I had a small carbohydrate meal ( half a banana with PB or half a cup cottage cheese ) BEFORE I worked out. This helped in maximizing my performance to give my all. Isn't that the goal of working out?

Finishing a good workout activates your muscles. This would mean that we can feed the body with high protein to help develop muscles.So, it helps to consume a relatively high protein meal such as a protein shake or a balanced breakfast AFTER the workout.
How many times per week should I do HIIT workout?

As we know, testosterone level will increase while we do high intensity interval training, and appropriate amount of it will promote physical ability. The thing you need to know is keeping testosterone in a high level in a long-term could do harm to our body. That means getting control of exercising times is a vital issue.According to a study,

Can you grow taller after 18? I just reached 18 and I've noticed people I know are way taller than me now. They were the same height as me and now they're 3 inches taller. I'm 5'7 and they're like 5'10. I've also been an insomniac for over 7 years.

People becoming taller than you all of a sudden can be due to multiple factors:You may have experienced precocious puberty . This is when puberty begins within the 0 - 9 age range for males, and 0 - 8 age range