How to educate yourself while travelling

An old Chinese learn more by walking a mile than by reading thousand pages of a book.

I think traveling in itself is educational. The moment you step out of your comfort and known zone, your education begins. You learn about people, places, geography, culture, food, habits and a zillion other things by talking to new set of people and experiences new things and places.

The most important thing in this is to have a mindset to learn by being open minded. If you set out thinking you know all, then you that's all you will ever learn.

I can state a personal change in me, that since I and my wife have started traveling, there is a marked difference in my personality in terms of increased confidence, ability to take risks and manage them well, improved general known how of things and better communication skills. I have been told this by my friends, work colleagues and supervisors. From my perspective, my travels have been highly educational.

Enjoy traveling !!

Every time I have travelled, I have learned something. Completely unintentially - but I cannot actually work out how you do ANYTHING without learning something. Some of the experiences I have had have been very positive - others not so and I have tried to pass all of these on through my articles and blog. But I do learn something every day, travelling or not. It just happens.

If a person from 500 years ago appeared at your door, what would you show them first? What would you hide from them?

I would be highly concerned with their germs infecting me and my own, them. However, more to the nature of your question:I'd show them airport and explain modern travel.I wouldn't want to explain / expose them to modern weaponry. I think it would be too much for them to handle.

What would happen if Russia invaded Greece?

Greece is NATO. So 0 chances scenario.It's easier EU invades russia.

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Scotland and England need each other, and, as I've argued many times, we need a new relationship.We share the island of Great Britain and in many, many ways our economic, social, political and cultural values are inter-dependent. It would be