How to find my high school GPA? Do I have to contact the high school, or is it easily found online

That probably depends on what sort of electronic availability your school provides. The school I am associated with has student and parent portals for communication; the GPA is posted there. The teachers also have electronic availability to the schedules, grades, GPA, etc. of their particular students, so one of my students can simply ask me to look and report to him/her what the GPA is.

If you are looking for a GPA at a school you are not attending, there probably is on online option because privacy laws prevent GPA being available in a public search--but a call to the registrar of your school will get you that information.

BTW, I don't know what your situation is, but if you don't need a formal, official, statement of GPA you can figure it yourself, mathematically, very easily:

An A is 4 pts; a B is 3 pts.; a C is 3 pts.; a D is 1 pt.; an F is zero pts. Multiply each end of course grade you have received by the number of points it gets on that scale, and then divide by the number of courses.

Example: Math A+4 pts; Englsh GPA is 3.16 A= 4 pts. Social Studies C= 2 pts; Science B = 3 pts. Art B + 3 pts; Spanish C = 3 pts.

19 pts. divided by six classes--GPA is 3.16.

If there are any weighted grades, that weight will have to be figured into the total in the way the school does it--there are different methods of weighting grades in schools who do so at all.

If you are dealing with college grades, you must also figure in the number of credit hours--a four hour credit class, a three hour credit class, a one hour credit class--the pts for A,B,C,D have to be multiplied by the number of credit hours for the class and then divided by the total number of credit hours.

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