How to find out if someone else is using my phone number or data

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Are you worried someone is using your phone without your knowledge/permission?

Or are you concerned that someone has "cloned" your phone like the movies?

If the former, put a password on your phone and maybe keep it where you can keep an eye on it.

If the later, don't worry about it. It's Hollywood nonsense. It is possible to clone a phone, but it's really hard and nobody would bother (well maybe the NSA).

Your phone number is tied to your phone , another phone couldn't use your phone number on their phone at the same time as you . So unless someone is taking your SIM card out when you don't see them and make calls and then slip it back in I don't see a way were they could be using your phone number . Now data could be a different thing . If you have your wifi on as a wifi router and someone connects to your wifi then they could use your data with you . Your monthly bill will tell you your usage , look for anything that doesn't seem right and talk to your service provider .

Does gender inequality relate to education?

I'm not sure I would phrase it like that. Is education a tool that can be used-or more accurately, withheld-to stifle a certain gender to ensure their compliance, leading to inequality? Yes.But this is far more insidious than just that. Consider the following. You need to

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