How to get lean muscle and abs

Well there are plenty of ways to do this.this all depends on your weight. i would start off do 5 sets of 15 crunches everyday for a week. If you do them right, you'll feel the pain if your not used to exercising and in a week guaranteed you'll see some results(but since i do not know the exact information of either you are lean, overweight, etc, this worked for me because i was skinny and lean). And after a week do 5 sets, then after a week or two keep adding, but this depends on YOU as a human, your weight, your age, and its hard to tell since you haven't given that much information. But try and do what i said and you call email me some more info so i can help you.

The Ultimate Ab Workout:
5 sets of 50 sit-ups
5 sets of 50 bicycle crunches
5 sets of 30 leg raises
5 sets of 30 crunches
5 sets of 30 hanging crunches

i do this and its awesome and ur abs will be beast... that is if you eat right and do other excersises

Is it really that common for successful people to take ADD medication to focus even if they don't have ADD?

Some people may get hold of ADD medication even if they haven't been diagnosed. But that doesn't mean they are successful. This type of medication can help some people to focus. But there are also side effects and one should not take it unless under a doctor's care.

What is the proper deadlift form on the pull?

Yes, knee and hip extension (thrust) happens simultaneously. Here is a portion of a recent article I wrote:...(everything before the pull/start of the deadlift has been omitted).Remember to remain a neutral posture by keeping the back and core tight. You should feel lots of tension throughout the torso from front to back. The best way to keep a flat

What should we do to gain motivation immediately?

There's not a single answer for that question. Every person is unique and so one man's source of inspiration may be different from another. Personally, I find it effective to read self-help books and to listen to messages from motivational speakers (particularly some of those from Platinum Speakers are my