How to get my crush to like me

This is a question I think most people ask at one point in their lives, I know that I have asked it too.

However, there isn't any way to make someone have romantic feelings for you; you can't force a connection, or any romantic interest in someone.

But here's what you can do:

  • Tell them how you feel
    • Don't play games, don't beat around the bush. Be upfront, that stands out, and can make it easier if that person does like you.
    • You can work up to this too. Start by making an effort to get to know them, and after awhile (I'd recommend not putting it off) invite them out and tell them how you feel.
  • Don't read too much into anything they do. Don't give yourself false hope solely based off of them glancing in your direction more than once.
  • Keep one foot on the ground. Crushes are exciting, but it will hurt if you invest in uncertainty too highly.

Things to keep in mind

  • If they reject you, keep your dignity. Don't guilt trip them, don't carry out the conversation longer than it needs to be.
    • If they do reject you, say something like "I respect that." "That's okay, thank you for being honest." "I understand, it was nice getting to know you! Thank you for seeing me today."
  • Be respectful when you address your feelings.
    • Don't kiss them out of the blue, don't surprise them with your feelings when they're out shopping with their parents, don't pressure them into dating you.
  • Don't go over the top when you confess. Don't buy them 20 roses, 3 boxes of chocolates, and light the area with candles; that will likely weird them out.
    • Something simple, and honest should suffice, "Hey, ___. I want you to know that I really like you. Would you want to be in a relationship with me?"
  • If they reject you, that does not determine your worth as a person.
  • Don't try to force yourself to be smooth or cool or whatever. Keep it natural, keep it heartfelt.
    • If you have to force it, it'll look forced.

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