How to get my ex to fall in love with me again

How can you get your ex back after been dumped?

Yes, you can get your ex back, it's possible and I have done it thrice.

But do you need to get your ex back?

Why do you have to get your ex back?

Of what use is holding on to what's gone when you can have a better time ahead?

Have you asked yourself any or all these questions before?

Can you just sit down for a while and ponder on these questions?

I've got my exes back before after been dumped and after I have call it quit with them.

But of what use are all of that today?

Just a waste of time and precious energy.

I got them back but it all ended either the way it ended before or in a different ways and I was back to where I was before getting them back.

Yes, you think you love your ex.

Yes, you think you can't get someone else again.

Yes, you think you will be alone and lonely for a while if you let go.

I understand you will feel pain and might need time to get over it but don't you think been dumped is actually a blessing in disguise?


Let me explain.

You are dumped by your ex and that is because he or she doesn't she a future with you.

So why will you want to be a dumb-ass to want to be with someone who doesn't want to be with you?

Where is your dignity, self worth and love for yourself?

Why do you need to want to feature in a future that your ex doesn't think can exist or will exist?

Can you really enjoy your time and life with your ex who doesn't want you even if you get your ex back?

I hate to see posts and articles telling people how to get their ex back.

I have written about that before but I was an idiot then.

Exes are exes for a reason - they are meant to be exes and not meant to be.

Trying to get an ex back is just like trying to get back what isn't meant to be.

Futile effort is it and chasing after shadows.

Tomorrow lies ahead and carry opportunities to correct past mistakes for a brighter day.

Yesterday is gone, today is here and tomorrow is to come.

If you still want to get your ex back, I can help you but I bet it, you will later be more happier not going for your ex.

It's not easy, I must say.

Rejection bred obsession.

You are rejected and your ex became more valuable because you can't get your ex who you use to have.

Simple psychology

Months or years after now, you will look back and be grateful for been dumped and you will come to the realization of the real worth of your ex whose rejection of you have helped blew to proportion right now.

Get up and try again, pick all the lessons you learn and go search for a new day.

Let your ex be your ex no matter what Hollywood is showing or teaching you.

It's much profitable starting all over than trying to fix what is broken.

It's hard but tell me what good thing comes easy in life?

Hope this helps.



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