How to get rid of fear? I recite the Mahamrityunjaya Mantra which has helped me overcome fear of death. But still, I am scared of dogs, monkeys, etc. How can I be totally fearless

A couple of years back, I attended a summer camp in the Himalayas where one day we were told that we would be getting a practical lesson in overcoming our fears. We were almost sure we would be indulging in some adventure like bungee jumping. Instead the exercise shocked us.
In the dead of the night, we were taken into a nearby pine forest- no torches allowed. Before leaving, we were instructed to follow one rule strictly, no talking. In the event that someone talks, he/she would miss out on all the activities the following day. At about midnight, 30 of us huddled close together in a clearing. We were then divided into pairs and instructed to form a queue. Hardly any moonlight, just the sound of cicadas and unknown creatures. One by one the pairs were asked to walk down a deserted path, with a 5 minute gap between each pair.
At first, we couldn't see anything, just pitch black. Slowly we heard growls. A hustle in the bush nearby. The girl who partnered me clutched my hand so hard her nails were digging in. I could swear someone touched my hair. Heavy footsteps behind. We started running. We ran into someone who disappeared into the woods. Someone dressed in white stood motionless, staring at us on our left. A little ahead, a figure in a white shroud lying on the ground. A dead body. My partner screamed. We were sprinting now. Thankfully, just after the next turn, we saw an open space where people who left before us gathered. We collapsed beside the others. Almost everyone was pale. Many were sobbing. I didn't even know my partner but I embraced her tightly as we wept. It was hardly a 500m trail but it felt like the longest road I ever walked (ran).

Though we were allowed to talk after getting back to our rooms, no one spoke. We all knew this was planned. We all knew it was staged and yet, when we came face-to-face with the darkness, each and every person there was terrified. That night, I took back a very important lesson. Fear lies in the unknown and the only person who you could trust with yourself, is you. I had always been told that you can overcome fear by facing it; that day, I experienced it. I could actually walk that path again the following night. Alone.

So don't just listen to people. ACT! Afraid of the dark? Spend a night at home without switching a single light on. Afraid to speak in public? Go up there, summon all your courage and say something. Afraid of death? No, don't try killing yourself. Instead, celebrate life. Plan your future, dream. You'll learn to trust yourself and believe in yourself. And for every fear you develop, you will not be afraid to take the plunge.

I face my fears. It's best method for me. How? You have to be confident about yourself. I always had a little fear from public speaking, but I'm doing it, because then I cab grow as person. I step out of my comfort zone. I just talk to myself that I won't let other people opinion influence me. I don't care what they think about me. I'm confident about myself.

Here I found really interesting article about how you can get rif of fears. At first you have to understand your fears!

1:Get rid of your past baggage

Have you noticed how something that happened in the past sometimes bothers you in the present? If you are scared of dogs, it's probably because you, or someone you know, has not had a pleasant experience in the past. To avoid going through a similar experience, you don't go near a dog.

Isn't it amazing to see children not afraid of anything? This is because they have no impressions. But as we grow up, we gather a stock of good and bad experiences that become impressions. Some of these impressions turn into fear or phobia, such as fear of darkness or fear of heights. Meditation removes these impressions and makes you free from within.

2: Face the anxiety with strength

Suppose you have an interview in a few days. Have you seen how you fear it even before going for it? You feel anxious and your mind gets stuck in a whirlpool of uncontrolled thoughts. "What is going to happen? What will they ask me? Am I going to clear it?" This constant bombardment of thoughts makes you fearful.

Meditation makes you calm and gives you the inner strength to face any situation. It instills in you the faith that whatever happens will happen for the best, even if that ‘whatever' is unknown to you. So what if you don't clear this interview? You know that a better opportunity awaits you in the near future.

Meditation helps you drop the anxiety about the unknown future and brings your mind to the present moment – the only time where action is possible (can you act in the future?) With a relaxed mind, you are able to carry out the required action by overcoming fear.

One of the causes of anxiety is lack of prana (life force energy). Meditation increases the prana level in the body and the anxiety automatically drops.

3: Drop the ‘ME'!

When we go to parties or social functions, we sometimes tend to make an effort to impress others. We are often scared of how others may judge us. This is because our ‘ego' intervenes.

On the contrary, when you are hanging out with a bunch of friends, you are very comfortable and natural. Being natural is an antidote to ego and regular practice of meditation brings you back to your nature. It makes you natural.

The other side of fear

If you have a little fear - relax! Like salt in the food, a little bit of fear is essential for you to be righteous.

Imagine what would happen if people had no fear at all? Students had absolutely no fear of failure - would they study? If you had no fear of falling sick, would you take care of your health? So be wise and acknowledge the usefulness of having a little fear in you.

Source: Understanding Fear

There are several very efficient and innovative methods for successful dealing with fears, i.e. reintegrating them back into our personality. But first, let me elaborate a little bit on the nature of fears.

What are fears?

Fears, together with desires, are some of the basic life dynamisms in every living creature. Fears drive us back from an experience, while desires drive us toward it. Those are two basic dynamisms within us – the repulsive and the attractive one. Therefore, they are deeply ingrained in the roots of every human being, which makes them extremely important to deal with in any kind of psychological or spiritual work.

For me, the thing that works the best is to make the conscious choice to replace that fear in your mind with love. Just as fear can block love, love can block fear.

For example, if you fear public speaking, find a topic that you are really passionate about -- something you really love -- and start small. Gather a group of friends and stand up in front of them and speak from your heart.

If you fear failure, same thing. Do something you love and failure is no longer a possibility. You won't quit if you're doing something that makes your soul come alive, and you won't fail because doing something that fulfilling is its own success.

If you fear rejection, replace that fear with love for yourself. No one can truly reject you unless you give them that power. And when you love yourself, you won't be giving that power away to other people who don't really matter. Focus on the people who love you for who you are, and the fear of rejection starts to melt.

If you fear change, replace that fear in your mind with a future that is full of happiness. Envision a life you love, and realize that change is the only thing that can bring about a better future.

And most of all, be compassionate with yourself for being afraid. Your fear is just an old habit that you probably learned as a small child. Every fear, deep down, is just a little kid who wanted to be loved. When you love yourself fully, fear is just an annoying little voice in your head that you don't give much thought to.
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