How to get the best result out of doing push-ups

In my opinion, you can the best result by varying the types of push ups you do.

There's a great p90x workout that involves lots of push up variations and by the end of it you are totally spent.

Try to do a push up workout by doing 4 variations of push ups. Do a rep amount which you can sustain and do 4 sets of each type of push up for example.
1. Regular push ups x 20 ( 4 sets)
2. Diamon push ups x 10 ( 4 sets)
3. Close body tricep push ups x 15 ( 4 sets)
4. Wide grip push ups x 10 ( 4 sets)

This is just an example vary the reps and sets but you see what I mean.

You can also do pyramid push up routines where you do 1 push up then rest for 10 seconds then do 2 push ups rest for 10 seconds and repeat until at 10 push-ups and then decrease the amount.

Hope this helps.
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