How to go for a management job after my degree

You can get get a management job having degree. MBA in various fields is one aspect. Other then this, say if you are a Mechanical Engineer, Civil Engineer, Electrical engineer or an Instrumentation & Control engineer, you can get chances to get into various departments for management like

  1. Project Planning and Control
  2. Construction Management
  3. Procurement support & Cost estimation
  4. Document management system.
  5. Project Management.

And many more.

Those are various departments of management side work.

Another option could be " N.I.T.I.E, Mumbai".

You will have to gain experience and than can be offered a management job or else will have to do your MBA

You should do MBA for management job, if you cant do it. Other option is- Do jobs anywhere and get some good experience around 10 years, and learn everything and be senior. Then when you l go to next company you l get some good posts under higher management or medium management level.

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